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Dashboards & Challenges in Implementation - A Practitioners Guide Dashboards are necessary for business decision support and has to provide required inputs for the management to be able to take decisions that are: Accurate Informed Insightful &

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Monitor Your Business Proactively Information is the lifeblood to Business.  It has to be presented to the Management at the right time in the right form.  In fact, Information available to the Top Management in real-time shall

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Precautions for Businesses in 2020 - Covid Response some relevant advice to overcome this turbulent year to businessman are: lie low, stay afloat, don't splurge, conserve cash control spends, reassess budgets check your product, need, pricing, demand

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COVID - How to prepare your business - Quick tips Firstly please check if your business/ product can be grouped under any of the following criteria: Very essentials: food, veggies, provisions, critical health Essentials: consumer goods, FMCG,

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Enterprise Risk Analytics Data drive our businesses today.  It has integrated with most processes and enabled quicker decision making.  One area which is complex for data analytics is Risk Management.  it is not yet adequately ventured due

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Customer Relationships Department - Requirement & KPIs Earlier only tech or post-sales product companies had any need for the customer relationship department. While it is most required for every business whether they r in b2b or b2c

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10 Amazing ways in which CRM can help your business Introduction Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a software that is used in the field of sales and marketing. If you’re thinking about integrating this software to