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admin July 14, 2020 0 Comments

COVID – How to prepare your business – Quick tips

Firstly please check if your business/ product can be grouped under any of the following criteria:

  1. Very essentials: food, veggies, provisions, critical health
  2. Essentials: consumer goods, FMCG, basic clothing, local travel, preventive health, education
  3. Low essentials: electronics, white goods, apparel
  4. nonessentials: luxury, high end, tourism, eating out, tourism

if you are in any of the first two, then:

  1. Be digital ready
  2. Reach out local markets: WhatsApp etc
  3. Use social media to the maximum
  4. Good supply chain
  5. YouTube channel and zoom ready

If you are in the next 2 categories, I am afraid, u may need to wait for either vaccine to come, medicine invented or herd immunity is achieved.

you still can do any of the lists of todo for your business too but the impact would be negligible.