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Customer Relationships Department – Requirement & KPIs

Earlier only tech or post-sales product companies had any need for the customer relationship department. While it is most required for every business whether they r in b2b or b2c space.

few disadvantages of not having one:

  1. losing the opportunity to hear the customer’s voice
  2. no independent assessment of sales commitments to customer
  3. potential for dissatisfied customer as they have no window to represent their issues, product problems, etc
  4. the customer relationship manager is trained to be empathetic towards customer emotions

there are far more advantages by having one:

  1. increased customer satisfaction
  2. clarity of customer challenges to the management
  3. Proactive handling of issues without waiting for major failures
  4. Sales team alert and committed towards customer
  5. strong relationships will keep business growing even during tough times
  6. Satisfied customer’s word of mouth fetches more business
How can you measure CRM’s performance:
  1. Customer Feedback Score
  2. Turnaround Time for Query Resolution
  3. Customer Conversion Rates – where appliable
  4. SLA (Service Level Agreements) Compliance