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Case Study

  • Project name: Customer Relationship Improved with Tectalik
  • Category: Product
  • Client: Leading Luxury Retailer

Employee Performance Improved using Tectalik Customer App with Analytics

Problem Definition :

A Luxury Retail major had multiple stores spread across cities and management teams centrally monitoring merchandising and accounting operations.

Whereas, it was facing challenges of low sales but high store walk-ins in a few stores and was unable to identify the reason to take rectification measures.


Detailed Analysis of poor operations, identified that though stores were maintaining walk-in data, specific counter walk-ins were missing.

Tectalik Walk-ins App was implemented where each salesman has to track his walk-ins and independent conversions apart from Store walk-ins.

Further Tectalik Risk Bots were used to identify the low level of throughput in each store-counter in comparison to Average Performance Levels at Group Level.


Tectalik Walk-ins app brought clarity to in-store activity & customer experience information to the management team. Further, there was clear information on counters which were popular amongst customers and which did not get any visits.

It was identified that few high margins & high-value counters were either having very low or nil visits in comparison to average or low-priced product counters.

Systems in-store and customer relation activity was streamlined which resulted in a diversion of walk-ins towards high priced & high-value counters which immediately resulted in increased sales by 20%.