Performance Life-Cycle

Mighty goals can be accomplished through systematic alignment. Setting up employee delivery expectation in measurable terms is key to simplified focus. Tectalik scorecards enables mapping of expectations and measurement criteria to employees. Realtime tracking of achievement against targets helps employees to stay focused towards corporate goals

Are you experiencing any of these derailers in your business

Do you have Clarity on how your business is performing?
Are you measuring Employees performance using right Metrics?
Are your employees Aligned to your corporate goals?
Do you know who is contributing most to your business performance?
Are you taking care of your most contributing employees?
Are you leveraging your "Data Gold-Mine" to your corporate Advantage?

Product Features & Benefits

Need to identify Right Performance Metrics & Indicators (KPIs)across

Leverage data in your ERPS using Advanced Analytics to calculate KPIs automatically in real-time

Need to KPIs for every Department, Designation & Role in Alignment to corporate KPIs

Monitor KPIs through Analytics, Dashboard,& Scorecards triggering performance discpline

Align Employees to your corporate Goals through performance

Take corrective action, people monitoring or incentivizing based on

Data Integrated Employee Performance Monitoring Approach

Data driven performance monitoring approach removes ambiguity amongst employees and presents their accomplishments in a transparent and objective manner. It enhances trust amongst them thereby improved morale. You can also use these transparent scorecards to provide positive feedback to employees.

Business clarity & Direction for Management & Employees
Corporate,People,Process & Information Alignment
Increased probability of achieving Corporate Goals & Objectives
Improved Employee Morale,Motivation & Satisification
Simplification of business management
Metrics driven incentives,promotion,bonus etc for Employees
Want to see Tectalik Scorecards in action?