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What is the biggest challenges organization facing while transforming their business

To transform your business, you need to align your several levels of system, processes and organization to ease decision making, drive growth and unlock sustainable value through efficient use of internal data

Now let you assume during this business transformation phases what are all the issue you will phase to overcome from several levels of a hurdle. Here are some of the major reason an organization facing while business transformation.

  • Change towards organizational culture
  • They do not believe in change
  • Not communicating the change to internal staffs
  • Leaders
  • Lack of strategy for their customers
  • Resource availability
  • Scope and defining the change
  • Internal politics

Change towards organizational culture – CEO Transformation

The organization have their own culture from the beginning that is more adaptive to change and innovation, and there are those more anti-cultural. Most of the companies have their own culture since its inception. They have a prescribed way of operating and delivering their own to their customers. When the organization decide to transform their culture they are in a position to convey the same to their internal staff. As most would have like or dislike the culture while transforming. So it is one of their biggest challenges to make their staff adopt it to the new culture and explain to them how this will make their business to the next level. What it should impact during the transformation is the leadership style, quality of life of the workers, and the way of engagement with the customers

They do not believe in change                       

Organization main responsibility is to make the staff to believe their newer way of system, process and technology to understand the necessity of change. If you or your employer does not believe in the change and then you cannot able to sell it. Tell your employee to understand why they need to transform and how their support will give the organization growth in near future. This will help the organization in the sustainability of resources. If they are not accepting it or believing it then it would be a great challenge for an organization to overcome it.

Not communicating the change to internal staffs:

If you are not communicating a change properly to the employee or your internal staff. It would result in a challenge for the organization to cope with their strategy of implementing their desired needs. Explain to them why are you changing. what are you going to change, then how are you going to do it? Communicate it early as possible to avoid mitigate of risk.


Leaders are the pillars of the organization as they going to manage the critical phase of the organization to drive growth to maximize profitability to the organization growth. So this is also one of the biggest issues for transforming organizational change. Here are some would I have listed is the biggest challenge for the organization is the leaders of the organization

  • Lack of commitment to see the change in its core objectives
  • Do not understand what’s their role in making it.

One should take responsibility in understanding the core objectives of the organization and execute it effectively is what the organization want but it should not convey it to the leaders effectively is what now organization are facing while business transformation.

Lack of strategy for their customers

Organization are lagging in producing the customer-centric strategy for their product or services. They are eager to launch the digital transformation journey but they are lagging ina clear vision or mission to execute it effectively. That will affect the deliverability of their product and services to their clients during business transformation strategy execution.

This is again one of the biggest challenges organization facing during the transformation phase. All you required is a good transformation strategy as a solution company should try to bring their strength and weakness to make it succeed.

Resource availability:

Get the right kind of resource is what the organization required to execute their plan with the help of leaders. But if you don’t have enough resources to fulfil your desired goal is what now the organization mainly faces during the business transformation. Resource availability is the top priority for the organization to execute its strategy effective for their clients. If you don’t have the good resource to fulfil your needs, then maintaining or sustaining a resource will be a huge burden for the organization.

Scope and defines the change:

As we all know many change initiatives are failed because of not clarifying it effective to their coworkers or employees. So the organization should define their goals and help their employees to understand the scope of the change. Proper roadmap for defining the measurable outcomes and the scope to deliver it effectively. So again it’s a challenge for the organization during transformation. They should have maintained a clear picture of the scope and defining the change.

Internal politics:

One of the biggest challenges for the organization is to maintain internal politics around the employees. It’s been neither positive nor negative that can control the information, resources and network. As we know politics is part of the organization or reality of life it’s still been holding a huge role in transformation as this will affect to maintain the internal organization should need to know how it can be maintained during the transformation phase or their part of the business transformation strategy

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