One Stop Solution for consulting, law, accounting, technology, software, project & engineering firms with total automation, powerful analytics & employee performance scorecards.

Track your business pipeline, plan & monitor projects, assign & verify employee occupancy, schedule Invoicing & reimbursements, set KPIs & appraise your team on holistic & intuitive Tectalik Management System for Professional Service Firms.

Well run Professional firms watch:

  • New Deals & Conversion Rates
  • Delivery in time & Delay Rates
  • Delivery Scope Vs Actual Score
  • Employee Occupancy & Average Hourly Recovery Rates
  • Billed & Vacancy Rates
  • Service Efficiency & Compliance Scores
  • Client Feedback Score

Get all of the above and more from our Tectalik – Total Solution:

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    • Complete ERP for Professional Service Firms
    • Integrated Analytics & Intuitive Dashboards
    • Project Planning, Hours Tracking
    • Hourly, Retainership, Project Based, Deliverable Based billing features
    • Invoicing, Claims, Collections Tracking
    • Pre-built Employee KPIs
    • Scorecards, Appraisal& Performance Monitoring
    • Integration with Accounting Packages viz., Quickbooks

    Analytics & Dashboards

    Watch insightful metrics sliced and diced intuitively to bring clarity of performance & progress of organization

    Organization Design

    Design hierarchy, reporting lines & clear roles and designations for better control & accountability

    Performance Scorecards

    Set KPIs & measure in real-time performance of employees & service delivery teams for transparency & clear focus

    Sales & CRM

    Track business leads, deals and monitor potential and empower your sales team to better handle business funnel

    Projects Planning

    Plan your milestones & tasks meticulously through variety of standard project templates and assign team and estimated effort

    Employee Hours Tracking

    Track your employee hours against task, client projects including back office functions viz., marketing, training, administration & accounting

    Client Tickets

    Let your clients raise issue tickets & track their closure against SLAs.  Get alerts or escalate delays

    Checklist & Compliance

    Identify review check points, statutory compliances, operating procedure checklists, assign to responsible employees & measure adherence scores

    Billing & Claims

    Raise invoices on customers, debit notes for reimbursement claims, internal expenditure tracking & monitor receivables & collections

    Integration with Quickbooks

    Automated accounting transactions posting in QuickBooks to avoid duplication of effort & manual errors in entries

    Who can be benefitted:

    1. Chartered Accountancy Firm
    2. Law Firms
    3. Audit & Advisory Firms
    4. Management Consulting Firms
    5. Software Development Companies
    6. System Integrators
    7. Engineers & Architects
    8. Project Management Companies


    10$ Per Month Per User All Inclusive. Sign Up Bulk Purchases please contact us @ [email protected]