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admin July 7, 2020 0 Comments

You can talk to an incubation advisor like us who can handhold a new venture/entrepreneur with the following:

  1. vetting your idea, its feasibility (advise to drop if not feasible)
  2. guiding you to do market research, product assessment
  3. advise on the financial forecast, investments, returns, profitability, cash flow, costing, pricing, etc (advise to drop if not profitable or payback period is high)
  4. advise on management techniques, operational strategies
  5. what kind of people you need to get on board or how to get work from them
  6. systems and processes (bare minimum) to ensure you run your businesses professionally
  7. continuous support to verify whether you are in direction and need for realignment
  8. we will also advise you on the right methods to raise funds viz., own capital, friends capital, bank funds, investor funds, etc.

we can also be your sounding board to check if you are thinking in the way the right business models need to be built. you can get more info from Alignassociate.