Power of Clarity

Choose from large templates of Dashboards covering many industry segments, designed to take specific business decision and trigger performance.

  • Graphical & Informative
  • Covering Industry Metrics
  • Top Down Approach to Monitoring
  • Birds Eye View to Meticulous Detailing
  • Designed by Specialists
  • User Friendly & Interactive Filters

Metric Focussed

Business Monitoring made easy by Tectalik – Dashboards, designed by Industry Specialists & Management Advisors powered with “Best Practice – Performance Metrics” that can replace your MIS Formats, Excel based Reports & complex Power Point Presentations and save management time & effort.


Business Performance Monitoring is done real-time

Cloud based and very economical

Designation specific Dashboards for CEOs, COOs

Web Based & Integrated to ERPs

Can be used for all your Business Review Meets (Monthly/Weekly/Daily)

World class templates recommended

Some Examples

If you do not find your dashboards, do not hesitate to ask us and we are happy to advise you

Understand your business needs & priorities

Identify Key Metrics & Key Decision triggers

Integration of Data & Deploy on Cloud

Prototype Dashboards & Data availability checks

Design & Visualize your Dashboards aligned to Hierarchy needs

Usage Handholding & continuous support