Integrated to ERPs

Tectalik Risk Bots is a real-time Governance, Risk and Compliance monitoring tool that runs on ERP systems to provide ‘Always-on’ transaction risk monitoring.Risk bots is integrated to SAP T-Codes and through APIs for other ERP systems

Get a real-time view of your Risks

Upload data through Excel to Integrate through ERP and get your transaction exceptions in real-time. It is simple and user friendly and does not require technical expertise.

Product Features & Benefits

Risk Library

Extensive Risk Library for all business functions built by Risk specialists

Holistic Sampling

Exceptions are drawn by verifying all transactions that occurred in a given period


Data confidentiality and security.You can choose your private cloud

Easy Integration

Easy upload through Excels or Integration through certified APIs


Customize and configure the alerts through Emails and Whatsapp


Strong access controls configured as per your organization's requirement


Cloud based application accessible from

Built in Reports

Ready made risk reports and


Reliable support from our team

Transform your Governance function with Tectalik RiskBots

In the current challenging and competitive environment, be assured that you do not have the risk of errors frauds and inefficiencies

Purchase to Pay

Order to Collection

Book closure

Human Resources

Segregation of Duty Conflicts


Research has shown that inadequate transaction monitoring leads to profit erosion by up to 5%
Inadequate risk monitoring and resultant fraud can lead to punitive action against the board
Process delay due to pilferage, fraud or non-compliance will have a detrimental effect on customer retention and satisfaction
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