Tectalik – Customer is a CRM engine advising you high potential customers, best conversion rates, future business pipeline based on advanced predictive data analytics through deep pattern studies.

Product Features & Benefits

GPS Tracking

Track the visits and schedule customers who have not been contacted long

Contacts Management

Inventory your contacts to reach them across every channel


Integrate with our other applications and get an end to end solution for all your functions

Manage Calendar

Manager meetings and events and manage your team’s schedules

Manage promotions

Ascertain the effectivness of your campaigns and promotions and understand the Return on Investment


Strong access controls configured as per your organization's requirement

Intuitive Reports

Get your sales reports, pipeline, collections ageing, visit history and other dashboards

Ease of Use

Simple user friendly tool which can be
readily used

Performance Management

Track the performance of self and your team through automated Key Performance Indicators

Improve Conversions by watching the Sales Efforts

 Identifying opportunities, pursuing them with focus and ensuring customer satisfaction is primary for successful businesses and digitizing this would propel your growth manifold

Transform your Sales Team Function with Tectalik Customer Application

Know which customer has not been visited for long

Analyze the sales team performance across the sales functions

Build your contacts database and stay connected

Leads to Deals

Visits Tracker

Collections Monitoring

Contacts Management


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