Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tectalik - Riskbots?

Tectalik – Riskbots is first Robotic Risk Monitoring Cloud based Platform and can monitor risks, frauds, errors in financial and operational transaction on SAP or any ERP in real time.  It cuts leakages due to exposures and alerts management pro-actively if risk is materialized.

How does it help businesses in their day to day activities?

Day to day business transactions can be progressively audited / monitored using risk algorithms of Tectalik – Riskbots thereby any errors or exposures can be reviewed and alert management team.  management can in turn focus their energies towards business management rather than error prevention. 

How can Tectalik - Riskbots be implemented and what are the technologies involved?

Tectalik – Riskbots is available as a SAAS Cloud Platform and can be mapped into the ERPs through a secured tunnel.  Whereas options are available to implement it as Premise Engine.  There is a detailed technology architecture document that can be downloaded

What can a Tectalik - Riskbots RPA Audit System do?

This innovative RPA (Robotic Process Audit System) can monitor the following (to name a few):

  1. Exceptions in payment processing
  2. Errors in purchase system
  3. Mis matches in material receipts and payments
  4. Statutory compliances
  5. Instances of Duplicate payments
  6. Delays in transaction processing
  7. Segregation of Duties’ compromises

Do RPA projects typically take long to implement?

Normal RPA systems implementation is extremely time and manpower intensive.  Tectalik – Riskbots simplifies this by automating most used Risk Scenarios developed and curated from collective decades experience in Risk management and audit experience of specialist team.  Hence, the turnaround time is crashed significantly in few weeks and thereby costs. 

How do we monitor and manage Tectalik - Riskbots RPA Audit Systems?

You can plug your ERPs through proprietary APIs or can simply upload .CSV files into cloud and generate risk scenarios in real time.  You can configure alert systems through simple emails / messaging tools based on identification of exceptions.  Hence the system will be working in background and only alerting incase of issues or challenges. 

Are my processes suitable for RPA?

If your processes are automated either using ERPs viz., SAP/ Oracle or atleast computerized and can generate required reports in .CSV then you are RPA ready.  Kindly let us know more details about your processes and our experts will advise you on suitability.  

Is much ongoing support needed for my digital workforce?

Very minimalistic need of human intervention in this case except for monitoring data integration / upload requirements.  Our experts / risk specialists can work in a dedicated / shared architecture to support you to provide required support.  You may require an operations coordinator at best who can provide data in required models / templates. 

There may be, client side digital workforce need during initial set up period for providing technical know how for data integration / access roles etc.

What is the difference between AI and RPA?

RPA is transforming your current business processes or audit processes through robotic integrations and suitably reduce your costs, time and effort.  Whereas, AI can eliminate the need for base processes or operations itself though it is still in the stage of evolution and more impact has been seen in chat systems conversation applications.  AI integration into eliminate current business processes in the way we visualize to the highest level of intelligence is still long way to go. 

What training does my staff need to collaborate with Tectalik - Riskbots RPA Audit Systems?

Your team shall need basic training to interact with various features of the Platform so as to comfortably use it.  They may also require training to identify right risks, generate exception reports, configure alert systems, load data and download risk reports.  Mostly the training is non-technical

How will Tectalik - Riskbots RPA Audit Systems complement my human workers?

RPA can completely eliminate your current manpower time spent in digging into huge loads of data and generate exceptions which is highly time consuming.  Whereas, your team need not have risk knowledge.  They can focus on assessing already generated exceptions either to submit reports or deep dive into root causes.  This will increase the efficiency of expensive work force to more productive areas of business improvement

Does the deployment of Tectalik - Riskbots RPA Audit Systems require changes to computing applications?

There is no need to change any computer application in whatsoever form for using / deploying RPA


Are Tectalik - Riskbots RPA Audit Systems scalable?

RPA is extremely scalable due to usage of advanced virtual cloud systems with expandable memory / processing power / scale and have been rigor tested in extreme circumstances.

What is “Tectalik - Riskbots RPA Audit System and Digital Forensics Tool”?

There are many libraries in RPA Audit System that focus on general errors, exceptions and issues that may not be fraud or potential frauds.  Whereas, many Forensic libraries are available in RPA audit system that are configured to catch frauds, viz., duplicate payments, approval frauds, transactions during holidays, patterns of intent to steal etc.

What types of digital systems of Tectalik - Riskbots RPA Audit System and Digital Forensics can potentially hold data?

If the customer is using our Cloud Platform, the data once uploaded is held in SQL Lite – Maria DB and executed to queries triggered from PHP based Bots.   The data is cached into local browsers when dashboard is generated, that is usual technology practice.  The data can be purged / manually deleted once Risk analytics objectives are fulfilled using our special feature.  If not deleted, the data in raw form resides in the database hosted on secure Cloud Platform.

What are the common situations in which Tectalik - Riskbots RPA Audit System and Digital Forensics can be used?

Tectalik – Riskbots can be used in various situations as under:

  1. Replace expensive manpower with Robots driven Risk monitoring
  2. When there is lack of risk knowledge experts in the market place
  3. Adequate expertise does not exist for Data Analytics or Machine Learning
  4. Company cannot afford high cost risk monitoring but keen to monitor exposures
  5. Audit / Finance Departments / Firms who want to monitor multiple locations / companies without need to travel

What can a Tectalik - Riskbots RPA Audit System and Digital Forensics Audit provide?

The following are benefits using Tectalik – Riskbots:

  1. Total Management Assurance so focus could be on business
  2. Significant reduction in cost of monitoring
  3. Reduction / Control in leakages, exposures, errors, frauds
  4. Real time Alert of exposures instead of post facto analysis at a later stage
  5. End to End platform integrated with Knowledge and Technology
  6. Total internal control framework & preventive mechanisms

Can deleted data transactions be recovered from Tectalik - Riskbots RPA Audit System and Digital Forensics Audit?

Deleted / Purged data are permanently removed from primary and back up systems of Tectalik – Riskbots

How can corporate data security be implemented before porting into Tectalik - Riskbots Database?

Live Data mapping and tunneling to Tectalik – Riskbots incase of SAP is done through proprietary ERP interface which is certified by the Application provider.  We can enhance additional layer of encryption if required.

What does the term “Risk Metadata and Risk Libraries” mean Tectalik - Riskbots RPA Audit System and Digital Forensics Audit?

There are various scenarios of exception, error and exposure that may materialize on the company and each of this scenario is encoded through an algorithm and is referred to as an element of Risk Library.  Risk Metadata is information viz., Risk type, category, group, process / sub-process, objective and all specific know-how based on which it is grouped or defined.

How does Tectalik - Riskbots RPA Audit System and Digital Forensics Audit aid in Audit Governance and Recommendations?

Tectalik – Riskbots can be a very handy tool for Audit Committee members to be assured of holistic governance in place for Enterprise Risk Management frameworks.  Audit Committee need to update the shareholders / general bodies on the adequacy of internal controls and control monitoring mechanisms efficiency and effectiveness.  Digital Forensics and RPA Audit System can be right arsenal in their armory to demonstrate maximum Governance Practices using effective Technology solutions.

What is Tectalik - Riskbots Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Any manual process replaced using automated advanced methodologies that can prevent human intervention can be defined as RPA.  In this case human intervention to access the data, analyse it manually for various risk scenarios is extremely time consuming and cost prohibitive leave alone scarcity of specialized resources.  Tectalik – Riskbots can completely replace it, hence RPA Audit Systems.

What is ConnectedTectalik - Riskbots Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Human interactive RPA is effected in Tectalik – Riskbots systems as it is in a collaborative approach of robotic digging of risk exposure and alerting management proactively for preventive decision making.  This is the way Tectalik – Riskbots can be defined as Connected-RPA.

What is Intelligent Automation and how is Tectalik - Riskbots Robotic Process Automation (RPA) related?

Tectalik – Riskbots integrates within, the risk knowledge of experts who have gained it over decades of risk management experience with an algorithm / code so as to replicate their expertise when triggering a Bot.  hence it is an intelligent Automation and just not software automation.  A platform can be built using coding skills but risk knowledge cannot be gained without years of rigor in designing internal controls, predictive forensics, digging transaction errors, management insights, industry and process knowledge.

What differentiates Tectalik - Riskbots from other RPA suppliers on the market and how is it different?

Tectalik – Riskbots is the only RPA platform focused on Risk Management and Forensics Monitoring, whereas other RPA platforms focus on eliminating manual intervention in general business processes viz., data entry, document scanning, transcription etc., Hence it is very unique.

What does RPA mean in the context of back office administrative process automation and how does Tectalik - Riskbots help?

RPA can also be used for general internal controls monitoring in the framework of Control Self Assessment by business managers to monitor accuracy of back office business processes without a need for an expensive internal control human expert.

Is Robotic Automation in Tectalik - Riskbots like screen scraping or macros?

It is not screen scraping or macros but algorithms used to deeply analyse patterns in transactional data to identify scenarios that match historical risk exposures generally faced by industry in business processes.

What are the advantages of robotically orchestrating existing applications through the user interface? Does it apply to Tectalik - Riskbots ?

Robotically orchestrating Risk monitoring can eliminate a need for specialized and skilled expensive resources and delivery time intensive analytical methods.  It also helps in faster reactions to exposures and errors so as to reduce cost of error.  It can also handle voluminous data with insightful and intelligent application of objectives using technology.

Why is Robotic Automation different from Business Process Management Systems – BPMS and how does it incorporate in Tectalik - Riskbots tool?

Tectalik – Riskbots RPA Audit System is relevant after the transaction updation.  Business Process Management (BPM) tools are used to enable compliance and work flow to business transaction.  Both are from different and diverse application objectives.  Tectalik – Riskbots can also be used to monitor exposures of transactions captured in a BPM tool whereas vice-versa is may be relevant in handling work flow of a risk / error report to its logical closure / system improvement.

Is Tectalik - Riskbots Robotic Automation competitive with BPMS?

No.  they are not competitive because they are focused in two different work environments and objectives.

Can a Tectalik - Riskbots Robotic Automation make decisions like a human?

Tectalik – Riskbots can dig into data exposures in human like efficiency whereas, it does not currently have the capability of decision making as it is not integrated with ERP to trigger any action sequences.

What types of processes are suitable for this style of Tectalik - Riskbots automation?

Any process that generates transactions has exposures and hence needs a risk monitoring engine like Tectalik – Riskbots to integrate.

Does Tectalik - Riskbots Robotic Process Automation (RPA) require a specialist test and development environment?

Tectalik – Riskbots works as read only, one sided and cannot trigger any mission critical transaction , decisions.  hence, there is lesser need for a specialist test and development environment.

What applications can Tectalik - Riskbots integrate with?

Tectalik – Riskbots can integrate with SAP and Oracle currently.  We are in the process of adding various industry leading ERPs and Cloud based applications in due course.

What (hardware) infrastructure do I need to run Tectalik - Riskbots's Robotic Automation Platform?

If you do not want to use the data hosting packages of Tectalik – Riskbots, you may need a data server similar to a data ware house / data lake for pushing multiple application data which are integrated with Tectalik – Riskbots cloud where algorithms are hosted.   You may also need the server connected to cloud through adequate bandwidth capacity and security architecture and related hardware.

Will you be modifying my existing systems while implementing Tectalik - Riskbots?

We will not modify your systems while implementing Tectalik – Riskbots

Is the Tectalik - Riskbots Connected-RPA platform secure and auditable?

Yes, it is secure and auditable.  Audit is restricted to only data holding and related security.

How are Tectalik - Riskbots automated processes controlled and monitored?

Tectalik – Riskbots is a flexible configurable platform which can be activated as required relevant to monitoring objectives of the company.  You will have user friendly interface to load and map the data, monitor risk exposures, generate risk analytics and configure alert mechanisms.

How are Tectalik - Riskbots process changes controlled and monitored while implementing Tectalik - Riskbots?

Incase of large implementations, Tectalik – Riskbots implementation process can be monitored through a structured work flow systems managed by Project Team who have expertise in systematic execution of large scale turnkey engagements.

How do I select the right processes for automation while implementing Tectalik - Riskbots?

Tectalik – Riskbots Risk libraries are grouped by process, sub-process, modules and objectives.  They are neatly grouped and categorized.  You can search flexibly the risks apart from high level groups created as menus.

How do I get started on delivering processes using Tectalik - Riskbots while implementing the same?

Tectalik – Riskbots is a robust robotic plug and play kind of interface where user interface is designed in a self service framework.  Easy to use help menus are available apart from videos for tutorials.

How do we train our team to use Tectalik - Riskbots?

We have experts to guide you the entire initiative of integrating Tectalik – Riskbots to you ERPs and handhold you till you are up and running.  Apart, we also have tutorial material, help menus and videos to guide you if incase you get stuck for something.  Further, we are available on a 5 day a week 10 to 5 PM live chat system or any question can be responded back within 24 hours.

How do I obtain professional Tectalik - Riskbots certification?

We currently do not have any concept of certification, while we may explore the requirement as our service matures.

What support do I need from Tectalik - Riskbots - Backend Professional Services?

You will require support for data integration, exploring risk libraries, extracting risk reports, configuring alert mechanisms.