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admin July 7, 2020 0 Comments

Define why you want to transform:

  • are you facing any challenges or survival or competition
  • has the industry changed where you are irrelevant
  • are you feeling nowhere and stuck in your direction
  • are you feeling there is a lack of skill, teamwork within your workforce
  • are you stuck financially, facing negative cashflows & low profits
  • do you feel you have to significantly improve business efficiencies
  • do you feel stuck in your family business and want to professionalize
  • you feel you are outdated technologically with manual systems

Knowing why you are doing it is “battle half won

transformation of business catapults your set up to rapidly accelerate towards your business goals.

  • start with re-defining your Vision (what you want to become) & Mission (what you want to give to your customer). you can also ask your customer to define this… it is very powerful and it can give absolute clarity.
  • simplify your business goals and keep them measurable so it is easy to communicate with your team. identify specifics and keep the list small.
  • break your goals into long term & short term. also, define your goals as financial & operational
  • Define the right structure or organizational hierarchy and identify the right people to fit into it. do not compromise on getting the right people on board or it may turn very expensive. get right guys and they will win your battle.
  • assign and align goals to your team, keep them measurable, integrate rewards to goals to make them focused and accountable.
  • Streamline your processes, define policy framework, automate your systems to the greatest extent. use the cloud, mobile platforms to save costs.
  • Design proper MIS templates, preferably automate them through dashboards
  • Periodic review and feedback are key to keep the journey focused and towards objectives. preferably management should review monthly, departments weekly.
  • Keep celebrating your journey together with the team. please understand that journey is fulfilling not the destination.